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Free Code Camp
Dec 10, 2019

Helping Team Members Grow: Free Code Camp

Ashley Hart

Upping my code skills through First Turn Media's continuing education perks has allowed me to choose a new direction in life and the opportunity to grow in a small company...

woman in wheelchair and blind man using a web interface
May 20, 2019

Web accessibility with inclusive React.js components

Woodbury Shortridge

The web is stuffed full of interfaces that fail to consider users at the edges of the spectrum of abilities, diverse ages and cultures, and environmental circumstances. We design clear, consistent, and most importantly simple user interfaces and flows.

data visualization on the Galapagos islands
Dec 20, 2019

Data visualization in the Galapagos islands

Woodbury Shortridge

Like many of our clients, Galapagos Conservatory approached us with an important story to tell but with potentially insurmountable challenges to get that story out. A site of global importance since Charles Darwin first set foot on its land, policy makers in Galapagos have long sought to understand the major factors influencing ongoing changes in its biodiversity. There has been an increasing urgent need for an early warning system to detect and predict the impacts of climate change on its species and ecosystems which, in turn, sustain its economy. Through this need, Galapagos Vital Signs was born, with our job being to provide up-to-date information through a satellite-based monitoring system related to biodiversity and other environmental indicators, such as sea surface temperatures and precipitation. This data is used to facilitate ongoing efforts by conservationists, scientists, agriculturists, tour operators, divers, the fishing sector, and others working in the Archipelago.

Asset Reservations
Mar 18, 2019

Kicking Off Equipment/Asset Reservations!

Emily Frazier

The wait is officially over! Thanks to the generousity of PhillyCam, St. Paul Neighborhood Network, and CreaTV San Jose who have provided the working capital, the Localeyz Asset Reservation System development is under way and on track to be the most user-friendly, high-performance, and intuitive solution availabile.