CM Bootstrap

Community Media Bootstrap is a customizable, easy-to-use Drupal-based web system packed full of features designed for community media centers.

CM Bootstrap is a suite of modules and themes specifically designed for community media centers. CM Bootstrap can be integrated with an existing Drupal 7 site, or you can use it to build an entirely new Drupal 7 website. It also integrates seamlessly with multiple master control systems to reduce data entry and keep content and schedules up-to-date.

In our 15-year partnership with RETN, we often discussed how to develop a custom "look" for community media centers while still giving staff an easy-to-use interface to customize colors, page layouts, menus and even what videos to automatically display based on things like genres or series. When VCAM was ready to upgrade their website, they came on board to create additional features and kicked the project into a collaborative experience. Since then, stations from across the country have implemented the system with us, joining forces to keep costs low while being able to maintain a cutting edge project.

While we don't distribute our code on at this time due to the long and frustrating process of becoming approved as a Drupal maintainer, all of CM Bootstrap code is available to download free of charge at However, many stations choose to work with us for initial installation and/or ongoing improvements and maintenance. Here's just a few of the community media specific features CM Bootstrap includes:

Connect To Your Master Control System

CM Bootstrap currently integrates with multiple master control systems to keep content and schedules current. Utilizing a combination of Drupal modules with custom modules, it's also possible to start new shows/projects on your website and send the metadata automatically to your master control system, removing redundant data entry from your workflow. This allows your producers and content creators to initiate a show -- getting rid of all those messy papers you have that track a show from production all the way through airing and archival.

If you're interested in learning more about what systems we connect with, or if you're a master control system rep looking to join the team, contact us below.

True Collaboration

One of the core pillars of the CM Bootstrap system is the benefits you'll receive as a collaborative member of the development team. Our group includes both small and large community media centers across the country varying in overall budgets by millions of dollars. Every partner has access to our Help Desk, which allows each center to determine what new features or bug fixes they want to participate in financing. Smaller stations often work with us for installation and then maintain a minimum number of hours each month to receive security and code updates, providing new features to smaller stations in a budget they can support. The collaborative effort both in support and development in turn reduces costs for all partners.

Easy Customization

CM Bootstrap allows staff members to easily choose and test colors, fonts and different page layouts without needing the help or cost of a developer. It also allows you to create custom playlists -- such as a curated playlist of your staff's favorite shows,  as well as automatic playlists curated based on tags and categories. CM Bootstrap also lets you easily change the layout of any page you want through a drag-and-drop interface with built-in options for image and text sizing and layout. For a demo, contact us below.

Fully Responsive

With new devices and technology coming out faster than most of us can keep up with, it can be expensive to keep a website looking good on every device in every browser. This is one of the areas where we benefit from the centers we partner with -- a staff member of one organization is often the first to report their website not looking correct on a particular device, and multiple stations will then work together to fix the issue, keeping costs down while staying current. Because we share the same code base, the fix is easy to deploy out to all of our clients. Leave the code writing to us so you can focus on what you do best -- bringing media and tools to your local community.

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