Our long-standing partnership with RETN led to the creation, expansion and collaborative development of CM Bootstrap.


We've been partnering with RETN for almost two decades -- as far back as static HTML pages (eeek). At the core of our work together is a collaborative effort to decide when to maintain old systems and when to create new ones. Our partnership has led to the creation, expansion and collaborative development of Community Media Bootstrap.


With CM Bootstrap, each station has the ability to easily create custom playlists and then add them with a single click to any page on their website. You can create playlists like "staff picks," that you manually curate, or you can have playlists be automated based on tags, categories, genres or other characteristics.

Easy to Customize Page Components

For any page on a station's website, RETN helped us build in the ability to easily choose different content layouts. Each layout option is designed to be fully responsive so you can make beautiful pages that represent your station's brand without having to worry about the technicalities.

Color Pickers

RETN knew if other stations were going to come onboard, one of the most important pieces would be to put the power of branding in the hands of staff and not at the mercy of developers. That meant giving staff the ability to control all the colors on the site. With this in mind, we developed a control panel where staff can change the colors of any component on the site without having to contact us to write it into the code.

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