We worked with SPNN to rebuild a crippled website that had been passed through numerous developers and turned it into a vibrant, community-driven hub.
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SPNN hired us initially to help them sort through what had become multiple databases, redundant and corrupted data and a website that wasn't able to be updated. After engaging in a discovery and planning process, we prioritized tasks based on budget and set out on a long road. After cleaning up their CiviCRM database, we then went to work on their site, eventually bringing them in as a collaborator on the CM Bootstrap project. They now have a secure, up-to-date website that takes donations, allows for membership and class signups, integrates with their master control system and makes all of their video content easily accessible.

Robust Search Integration

The Drupal core search mechanism is sub par at best. With SPNN joining our collaborative team, we were able to integrate Apache Solr into CM Bootstrap (for small and large stations). This robust search option allows for comprehensive searching, and SPNN, VCAM and RETN worked together to design the overlay interface so that it would be easy for users to find as well as responsive. We were also able to incorporate CiviCRM classes and events into the Solr search.

Moving Away from Feeds

One of the issues plaguing community media centers has been the reliance of a special branch of the Drupal feeds module in order to import their master control TV schedules and videos to their websites. SPNN funded the first custom module that can be easily re-used for any master control system and doesn't need to rely on feeds. The result: CMC's using Drupal can now use the current and stable version of feeds for things like Facebook or Twitter integration, and their sites are more secure.

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